“Women of effort, of fraternal thoughts and liberated dreams”

We are a multidisciplinary team of women - like you - who, thanks to our experiences, have created Woman Nature, a unique space for healing, contemplation and harmony in natural spaces. We are moved by the flow of the southern rivers and the eternal glaciers to design each unforgettable encounter, since we have seen in each female face the resistance, bravery and adaptation that we had only seen in one place: the elements of nature embodied in the Women.


Karen Sandoval

Karen is an outdoor educator, nature tourism guide, certified level 2 Forest School teacher, impact mentor for entrepreneurs, Physical Education teacher and Graduate in Education from the Cardenal Silva Henríquez University.

She is a lover of outdoor life and has dedicated herself to the hard work of educating about nature since 2004 in different corners of Chile. She is the founder of different actions and ventures that promote the bond with nature in a respectful way.

She is an innate, restless explorer, with overflowing energy, creative and with a conviction of wanting to leave a better world for future generations and generate meeting spaces, harmonious and based on respect and love in nature. Karen, is our Earth woman. , where the forest, the mountains and their elements make you feel part of a whole. In her role of supporting and accompanying processes for women, Tierra feels that together we can do more.


Leyla Sánchez Guzmán

Leyla has been a Yoga teacher since 2007, a muralist, she creates her own paintings made with mineral pigments collected in different geographies, she is also a mosaicist and educator in expressions related to self-care, the arts and the environment. He was part of Colectivo Pelwenu until 2020, a creative space that promotes learning and artistic creation based on collective work experiences, generating processes with communities in Guatemala, Mexico and Chile.

In the Aysén region she has developed her work mainly in Puerto Ibáñez together with local organizations from El Pueblo del Viento Leyla is our air woman, through the practice of yoga and meditation


Monica Loaiza Miranda

Moni is a Patagonian through and through, loving, smiling, captivating, a woman with character formed in these lands. Connoisseur of the corners of Patagonia, lover of nature, mother of 4 children, lover of cooking in which she has discovered that she can express all her love and creativity.

She is one of the women that you admire for her strength, for accompanying the processes of all of us who have crossed her path through a smile and her delicious food. Moni, as we call her, is our fire woman who transforms all foods into delicious food. for our programs, but it also teaches us with all that wanting is being able


Lissette Espinosa Espinosa

Lissette is a mother, nature educator, craftsman by vocation and farmer. She studied Agronomy at the University of Talca and has developed several courses that move her deepest passions. She is certified in Nols School first aid and high mountain rescue at the ENAM of Peru, a path that she pursued for years, taking her to climb several mountains in northern Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Passion that makes him represent and transmit the Earth element.

His current life takes place with his family among the countryside, the mountains and the brushes, a means by which he transmits his love for nature. Likewise, he also works together with a cultural collective for the development and appreciation of the trades of southern Chile. Lissette is also a Fire woman.