Mañke Chile generates connection, links and opportunities, be it in nature, people, culture, so we want it to be transmitted through our vision and company values.

Our history

Our company was born from a family history, with a context of life in the countryside and surrounded by nature that gave us the possibility of obtaining fruits from your own home and enjoying it.

I also feel that my profession of pedagogy comes from childhood and adolescence, being able to project it as an adult with creativity and love for nature, teaching outdoors, being creative, feeling free is a unique feeling and it is important to give this to people who have an experience in Mañke.

Going through NOLS was the impetus to realize that providing the possibility of education to Chileans had to be
To be fulfilled, living in Chilean Patagonia provides this opportunity to generate a change in education and outdoors, it is important to try to generate positive changes and that we have a mission in life that we must project positive intentions in the place where you live, generate a link with the culture of the place and understand their lifestyle habits, the connection they have with nature

  • Vision

    Position ourselves in markets of interest as a certified Social Company that offers the best immersive tourist-educational experience in Chile in all seasons of the year.

  • Mission

    Create accessible immersion experiences in nature and culture that promote comprehensive development and inspire people to take action to be part of the solution to the environmental problem.

  • Values


    Make/be community


    Social responsability


Our team