• Are

    We are local and foreign women, in love and living in Chilean Patagonia, Aysén Region. We inhabit this earth and live every process of nature, every season, every change in a harmonious way and committed to defending and educating about its biodiversity, landscapes, places and culture.

    We are educators, artists, mothers, athletes, environmentalists and dreamers, we believe that being and living in nature is in our deepest essence, because We Are Nature.

  • We make community - we are community

    We know the importance of the role we have in our communities, how we can positively impact them and be a contribution wherever we move. We believe in collaborative work between women and, therefore, our commitment is to work with local women, entrepreneurs, gardeners, artisans, cooks, artists, guides, educators, etc., support their economy, make them visible, recognize them in their knowledge and experiences, support your dreams and desires, because we know and trust that together we create unique experiences for each Nature Woman.

    We support our staff in their dreams, promoting their personal growth and we support their training according to their needs.

    And because we know that if we generate economic resources we should all do well and thus grow, we commit to 5% of our profits from each trip, allocating them to free activities for local women in different communities, bringing well-being and knowledge.

  • We create unique and unrepeatable experiences

    Our purpose is to provide inclusive experiences to women in nature in Chilean Patagonia, Aysén Region. In different environments and activities. No experience is standardized, we co-create as we also discover the region and its countless possibilities, in order to offer unique and deep connections not only with the territory and its people, but also with ourselves.

    Each trip is cared for and prepared with topics of conversation, creating connections with the local culture, discovering the most remote corners of the noise, learning from other women and thus, in getting to know and internalizing ourselves, we create awareness of conserving and preserving the nature of this place and promote the sustainability of the territory.

  • We defend nature

    We work in and with nature in all seasons of the year, we experience Patagonia in all its states: rain, cold, snow, sun, wind, and we are grateful every day for being able to be and make our home here.

    We are curious souls to discover and connect with every corner of the region and with the women who inhabit it. We always seek to learn new things and we are dazzled every day by the colors of sunsets and sunrises. We want every woman who travels with us to also be surprised and want to join our conservation cause.

    We believe that we must live respectfully with our environment, which is why we declare ourselves strong defenders of nature, preserving and conserving is vital, but also knowing. Knowing to love and loving to care, we know that our trips can impact the territory, that is why each experience is carefully organized, trying to generate the least possible impact on our journey, this is how we consciously manage our waste, we apply the principles of Leave no trace ( leave no trace) from start to finish. We are respectful of the culture and of all the beings that inhabit these ecosystems.