We present in detail the workshops that we will have available for you to participate in!

Workshop "The Wheel of Eco-centered Development"

Mariana Candeia


Ser Natural Educação (Be natural education)

Outdoor educator, psychologist and ecopsychologist.
Faculty member of the International Society of Ecopsychology.

Workshop "Didactics, youth and nature"

Francisco Oviedo


Universidad Santo Tomas and Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

I am a Physical Education Professor, Master in Human Mobility and Doctor in creativity, innovation and sustainability. University professor with 17 years of experience in nature education. He has developed lines of research with emphasis on non-parametric didactics, specifically in the circus and activities
emerging. Lover of education, the circus and nature.
I have two cats, I like to walk, jog and ride my bike.
I am an admirer of crafts and crafts.

WORKSHOP "Didactics, Youth and Nature"

Olaya Gomez



Through my deep connection to dance and my understanding of body movement in time and space, I immersed myself immersively in the educational field. My background ranges from dance teaching to research in this field, culminating in a deeper exploration of educational experiences in a variety of contexts, including formal, non-formal and natural. Along this path, I have developed teaching designs that value the incorporation of the body and its movement as essential elements in the learning process, enriching educational experiences through an intimate connection with nature.

WORKSHOP "Pedagogical Landscaping"

María Jesús Riquelme


The Green Farm

María Jesús is a child and adolescent clinical psychologist with a wide range of interests and skills. Certified in Waldorf Pedagogy and with a diploma in Art Therapy, she has dedicated more than six years to training and acquiring experience in Agroecology and Landscaping. This combination of knowledge has driven him to seek opportunities to integrate his passions into his professional career.

With more than a decade of experience in education, both in classroom settings and in projects related to environmental education and the development of outdoor soft skills, María Jesús discovered in working directly with the land a way to unite her interests and knowledge. In 2019, he founded La Chacra Verde, a project that offers educational experiences focused on the cultivation of the land for students, teachers, families and companies. In addition, she is a garden and landscaping teacher at the Gabriela Mistral Waldorf School and in charge of Education at Corporación Cultiva.

WORKSHOP "Evaluation for learning in the natural environment"

Susana Celedón



My name is Susana Celedón Vargas, Master in Education from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, with specialization in assessment for learning, Professor of Physical Education at UCSH, with 19 years of professional experience in the academic area in primary education institutions, secondary and university, with skills to socialize, work collaboratively, and with a great commitment to the teaching profession.
I am passionate about being in action through sport and enjoying the natural environment through trekking through national parks and the mountains, connecting with the forest, admiring and photographing the colors of nature, and teaching about caring for nature. Flora and fauna; actions exercised personally, such as from my teaching role with students.


Leyla Sanchez


I am a collector and creator in various disciplines, I live in the town of Puerto Ibáñez. I work on the research and creation of paints and inks with pigments from earth, stones and plant species; I use the colors I find in nature to paint murals, textile pieces, on paper and other supports.