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Mañke Chile

Pre-seminar ticket unique experience 1 excursion

Pre-seminar ticket unique experience 1 excursion

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Explore the natural beauty of the region with our exclusive excursion ticket! Enjoy a variety of exciting options for all tastes and levels of adventure. You can choose from a full day of New Zealand trekking, exploring stunning landscapes and challenging trails. Or immerse yourself in the serenity of the Cerro Castillo lagoon with our Full Day trekking, where you can marvel at spectacular views and the calm of the waters. Do you prefer a more traditional experience? Opt for a 2-hour horseback ride and discover the beauty of the area on horseback! We also offer the option to explore the iconic Marble Chapels with our Full Day D Chapels, or immerse yourself in the local culture and artisan history with our Full Day Crafts and Museum. And for cycling lovers, we have the option of a full day cycling adventure, exploring the local landscapes at your own pace. Come and discover the adventure that awaits you!

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